Well it looks like we’ll be getting the light shined on us little by little. After years months of rumors it looks as if Ice Cube finally has gotten Chris Tucker onboard to reprise his role in the next ‘Friday’ franchise. The official name of the new movie will be titled “Last Friday” and will have many of the memorable cast members we’ve grown to love. During a recent interview with MTV, Ice Cube gave us an update on the whole scenario.

“I’m still writing [the screenplay]. I’m still in the process, I’m deep into it… [The title is] Last Friday. I want [Chris Tucker] to be in it. He’s given us every indication that he’s gonna be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know. That’s really how it goes. I’m almost finished with the script, so as soon as we can finish the script, fast motion on it.”

The movie is also scheduled to drop around Christmas 2013. Check out the unofficial poster below and tell us what you think!

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